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Affidavit of Non-Use vs Non-Op

Affidavit of Non-Use

Filing a Non-Use Affidavit allows you to notify the DMV that your vehicle (currently registered) is not being operated or parked on any California roadway and its liability insurance coverage has been canceled. This will allow you to avoid receiving the dreaded "registration suspension" notice. You can remove a previously submitted Affidavit of Non-Use from your vehicle record at any time during the paid registration period, provided you have liability coverage. Planned Non-Operation (Register Vehicle as a Non-Op)

PNO stands for Planned Non Operation, meaning you plan on storing and not operating your vehicle during the next renewal year, and do not wish to pay registration renewal fees; subsequently you are not required to provide liability insurance coverage for the vehicle. You'll need to wait until your vehicle's registration renewal period in order to request a Planned Non Operation filing.

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