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Parking Tickets or Toll Violations happen to the best of us...

Parked illegally? Meter run out? Parked too long in a time limited spot? Use a Toll Road accidentally? Toll violations and parking tickets issued by a city, county, college, or state government are attached to the vehicle registration if not paid in a timely fashion. These parking tickets just like paying toll tickets can be paid at the local jurisdiction directly. Many local agencies outsource the collection methods for the parking tickets so more often than not, the only way to pay is via telephone or online. This results in a delay when applying to renew vehicle registration at the California Department of Motor Vehicles. Parking tickets are not just for being illegally parked. Many jurisdictions issue parking tickets for vehicle registration violations, as well. It is imperative if you have expired car registration, lost car tag, or any other registration violation do not park on any California Public Highway.

Use a toll road unknowingly? These things happen to the best of us. Toll violations are a fairly common occurrence in this age because of GPS navigation. Some may not have a clue they took that route. If find yourself accidentally on a toll road, do not worry! You can pay the fee up to 72 hours after you traversed the route without a toll violation. You can pay your tolls up to five days before (or five days after) driving on one of California's toll roads by visiting and entering information about your vehicle. If you don't pay the toll within five days, you will receive a ticket in the mail demanding a payment for the cost of the toll and a penalty. If you don't respond to the violation notice, the penalty will increase.

Tip: If you start looking at the features on your smart phone navigation, there is a button to avoid toll roads.

If the ticket is already showing due on your car registration after you paid it, you will have to wait for the toll road to electronically remove the toll ticket from the CA DMV database to obtain your vehicle registration.

The CA DMV will not issue your car registration unless the violations are paid in full. If you have an outstanding violation that requires payment, the DMV will include this information on your registration renewal notice.

The fastest method is to pay the DMV directly if you need to renew car registration. Basically, you pay toll citations at the time your vehicle registration is processed. Gold Coast Express Registration has the ability to process your registration renewal along with over due parking tickets or toll citations from any jurisdiction in the State of California. This is very convenient for San Luis Obispo county motorists trying to renew car registration.

Happy motoring!

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